About Het Lege Atelier


Het Lege Atelier, Dutch for The Empty Atelier, makes architectural designs and visualizations by combining digital and analogue drawing techniques. The emphasis is on bringing to life the unique qualities of each project, by making designs and artist impressions with attention for composition, lighting, textures and materials.


Het Lege Atelier is a young company based in Rotterdam, established by Ananda de Vos. Ananda studied architecture at the Technical University in Delft and at Tsinghua University in Beijing. After working at several architecture offices in China and The Netherlands, she established Het Lege Atelier to focus on atmospheric design and visualization of architecture.  




  • 2D impressions
    colored and textured line drawings like floor plans, building sections and elevations.
  • 3D impressions
    architectural illustrations of interiors and exteriors based on a 3D model.

  • design
    assistance in finding the best layout, styling, finishes and furnishing for your project.


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