An image says more than a thousand words; more than lines on paper. An image can immerse others into a story and convince them. In Het Lege Atelier (Dutch for The Empty Atelier) there is plenty of space for what’s in between the lines. I help designers to find the best way to communicate their designs, to show others the qualities of their work.


Here visualisation style is always custom designed. The focus is on atmoshpere; each impression is given a unqiue style to fit the brief and the ideas of the designer perfectly. 

About me


My name is Ananda de Vos. As long as I can remember I was drawing, whenever I could. I grew up in a quiet suburb, where I dreamt of lively cities and wild nature with a pencil in my hand. I doubted what I should become; an artist or an architect?


During a first visit at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft, I felt right at home. I studied there and lived for a year in the inspiring world cities Shenzhen and Beijing.


After graduation I started to work as a junior architect. I soon found out that in the workplace there is not much time left to create artist impressions. I have founded my own company to fully focus on visualising architecture and landscapes. 


Now the best of two worlds come together; somewhere in between art and architecture.


I work in Schiedam, where I also live together with my boyfriend. I start each morning with a strong cup of coffee and yoga. In the evening you can often find me with friends at the boulder gym. 


About you?


I’m curious to know what has brought you to my website! Are you looking for advice on how your project can be visualised in the best way? Feel free to contact me. The same goes for other questions or possible collaborations, I’d like to hear from you. 


You can send an email to, or call and whatsapp me on +31(0)6 51671807. 





  • Digital collages
    Creative and surprising impressions, made from different kinds of images. 
  • Renderings
    Realistic or stylized impressions, in which lighting and shadows are calculated by the computer. 

  • 2D impressions
    Coloured line drawings like floorplans and sections. 

  • Design proposal
    Exploring different options on, for example, layout, design, materials, atmoshpere and style.